Who We

Who We Are

Born and raised from the sands of Qatar, at BURRDA SPORT we are eleven years in, designing and producing customized sports performance and lifestyle clothing to leading international sports teams and organizations.

Our ‘DERAA’ (Arabic for ‘shield’) logo reflects our commitment to those teams and individuals we supply. Our clothing is a ‘shield’ that provides you with protection as shields once did for ancient warriors in the heat of battle.

Our DERAA when combined with our mantra ‘WE GOT THIS’ is a call to action….we will support you when it matters. We have your back…in the same way as ancient warriors grouped together with their shields over-head in the battle field to defend themselves from on-coming enemies. So our DERAA is a symbol of togetherness and unity… strength comes from working as a team in partnership with you, so you achieve your goals.

The protection that comes from wearing BURRDA SPORT allows you to focus on what matters to you.



BURRDA SPORT is a Qatar Sports Investments (QSI) company.